10th and 12th chakras–what does it imply when they’re energetic?

I’ve solely had two Reiki periods however each have been actually highly effective. Throughout the second I meditated with a imaginative and prescient of the kid model of me. First we have been in my childhood residence however then I took her to a beautiful mountain high and we rooted ourselves within the grass and did some playful and magical yoga. Afterwards my practitioner mentioned she had seen, whereas she was at my toes, a scared little woman however then I scooped her up, informed her I cherished her, then we went away collectively. One of many different loopy issues was that I had been meditating on rejecting anger and accepting love and I may really feel the anger developing by means of my shoulders and exiting my physique, however finally the decrease again a part of my head was throbbing. Later the practitioner mentioned that when she was at my head, her fingers have been drawn to a number of toes above my head, which she believed have been my 10th and 12th chakras. I am so excited by this however what does it imply? I need recommendation on methods to discover these larger chakras. My present concept is that it’s potential for therapeutic not solely from the current, however the previous additionally. If there’s any reality to that, would that imply there are dangers in messing with the previous?

Chakra Meditation Terminology

What are various names for every of the chakra meditations? (e.g. compassion meditation=coronary heart chakra meditation)

Additionally, what’s a extra informal time period for “chi”? It is a ache within the butt to casually carry these up. Should you say “Meditation”, individuals say “Ah.” Should you say “Photo voltaic plexus meditation”, they’re going to be like “The heck…?” Should you say “power”, individuals will not have a look at you as weirdly, nevertheless it’s not particular sufficient.


I am most likely gonna get downvoted for this, however I am asking anyway and I might like a solution. Are chakras actually actual? If that’s the case, why cannot we see them? Is it placebo? Do you sit and meditate to “treatment all illnesses and illnesses?” How does any of this work and the way are you aware this?

Activating Chakras

Hello everybody,
I have been training meditation on and off for a yr, however have turn out to be extra devoted to meditating usually in the previous few months. I’ve been researching my chakras and doing a little chakra activation guided meditations on YouTube, however I have not had nice success to this point.

I’ve felt sensations in my root chakra quite a few instances throughout meditation, nevertheless it is not dependable. Final summer time I felt a buzzing sensation in my third eye chakra, and I usually really feel my third eye chakra once I’m meditating, or studying profound non secular content material. I’ve felt my coronary heart chakra open throughout a guided meditation as properly, and in addition felt some sensations on the highest of my head however they have been delicate. I’ve but to actually expertise my sacral, naval, or throat chakras.

I’ve downloaded some meditation apps and am beginning a every day follow of meditation. Throughout the guided meditations they instruct me to visualise my chakras like spinning vortexs of differing colors after which merely flip them on. I’ve visualized their color after which a brighter color as soon as I flip them on, however that hasn’t labored for me but. Any tips about how you can activate all of my chakras?

Thanks for studying!

My coronary heart middle feels very heavy.. and really tight.

Does this imply my coronary heart chakra is blocked? Actually it seems like there’s quite a lot of dense ass “vitality” in there, or one thing. It is simply very, very tight in the midst of my chest, and really heavy. I am positive it is not a coronary heart assault or something lol, trigger it has been this manner for some time.

It is very tight. As a consequence of this my complete physique can be tensed up. It is irritating. I’ve achieved reiki and stuff to attempt to unblock my coronary heart middle, nevertheless it hasn’t labored. Solely generally after I really feel protected and cherished does the dense vitality that appears to be there start to discharge (I am going to begin crying).

I am feeling like my coronary heart chakra is blocked… is that proper? Idk what to do about this. I’ve tried fixing this by myself however my physique would not appear to wish to launch this vitality. I really feel extraordinarily caught. All I want is a extremely good cry to launch all of this vitality, that will actually change my life..

What ought to I do? I discover that non secular subreddits are generally actually smug and condescending, not calling any of you these issues, but when anybody goes to be like that… please do not. Thanks.

Would Yoga be a greater different to meditation?

Im fairly new to meditation, and I’ve all the time been concerned with chakras, however by no means actually understood how they will change our every day life. I’ve tried meditating on the basis chakra, and didn’t really feel a factor. Some folks would say to stroll barefoot on dust whereas others say theres a danger of hookworms and need me to spend cash on a grounding mat. So I used to be interested by doing a little Yoga to assist with the chakras. Has anybody had any experiences with it?