Ache after opening chakra

I have been specializing in opening my photo voltaic plexus chakra and now I am experiencing abdomen ache. Is that standard/ okay?

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  1. You may have overpowered it. I have done this before 😬 Focus on equalizing and having it only at 100%. When we bring our focus to things we can unintentionally make things out of balance.

  2. The show Avatar the last Airbender has a fantastic segment where the protagonist must open his chakras, while I suggest watching the whole thing, this is the portion on the [“solar plexus” chakra] (

    This chakra deals with personal power, will, and wisdom. It is often blocked by shame. In my experience charging a chakra that is blocked or opening it in spite of the block can have unpleasant results. Is there anything currently in your world that you are feeling ashamed of? Know that all of the disapointments in your life are just one moment and that they have since passed, and you are clearly still alive. Release the bonds to those shameful moments, sometimes this may require apologizing to another, sometimes it is simply making peace with oneself in regard to a personal perceived shortcoming.

    Allow yourself to feel pride in who you are, what you are, and the effort you’re making to better yourself. Suffuse yourself with that feeling of pride that you find when you have accomplished a task that was difficult.

    If I am mistaken and you don’t have anything to be ashamed of, then you are far better off than I am; perhaps you’re just hungry?

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