Activating Chakras

Hello everybody,
I have been training meditation on and off for a yr, however have turn out to be extra devoted to meditating usually in the previous few months. I’ve been researching my chakras and doing a little chakra activation guided meditations on YouTube, however I have not had nice success to this point.

I’ve felt sensations in my root chakra quite a few instances throughout meditation, nevertheless it is not dependable. Final summer time I felt a buzzing sensation in my third eye chakra, and I usually really feel my third eye chakra once I’m meditating, or studying profound non secular content material. I’ve felt my coronary heart chakra open throughout a guided meditation as properly, and in addition felt some sensations on the highest of my head however they have been delicate. I’ve but to actually expertise my sacral, naval, or throat chakras.

I’ve downloaded some meditation apps and am beginning a every day follow of meditation. Throughout the guided meditations they instruct me to visualise my chakras like spinning vortexs of differing colors after which merely flip them on. I’ve visualized their color after which a brighter color as soon as I flip them on, however that hasn’t labored for me but. Any tips about how you can activate all of my chakras?

Thanks for studying!

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