Ascending blockages?

After I first started my religious journey about three years in the past I had a really pronounced blockage in my root chakra. I labored very arduous to aim to clear this and open my Chakra and it appeared as if the blockage was labored progressively greater, whereas now I’ve labored by the opposite decrease 2 and have developed the blockage in my coronary heart Chakra. Is that this usually how issues are inclined to work? Why is it shifting greater as an alternative of clearing altogether? Will I’ve to work the blockage up by the higher Chakras earlier than it’s launched? What occurs then?

1 thought on “Ascending blockages?”

  1. Very interesting, I’m not sure if it’s normal but it’s not bad. It’s really like you’re rolling out the last bit of toothpaste. I’d imagine once you clear it out through your kether/crown you’re going to feel amazing

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