Assist in Houston

Anybody is aware of the place I can therapeutic stones/crystals in Houston? I simply really feel higher having me discover them regionally then on-line. Or what could be the most effective?

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  1. I agree that it is best/nicest to pick out stones in person, but where I used to live didn’t have a lot of options. I found that Amazon actually has some great options, especially if you order bulk (like 1 lb) from companies like Zentron or Crystal Allies. I absolutely love this beautiful set of selenite and would buy it again in a heart beat. It’s an amazing price for everything you get.
    I’ve personally bought chakra stones from earthbound and been quite happy, but I got this set for a friend and they were amazing as well.

    I hope you find something local, but if you don’t please try buying online! I postponed purchasing crystals I wanted for years because I couldn’t find them locally, and now I regret it. Best of luck!

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