1 thought on “Be taught the True Origin of the Chakras – Dialog with Chris Tompkins [E79]”

  1. Tompkins describes what he has learned about the origins of the chakra system from reading the original Sanskrit texts.

    It’s long, but worth a listen because, if true, it has some pretty big implications.

    For example:

    Modern understanding of the chakras isn’t based on ancient texts – it is based on a Sanskrit text written around 1600. This text gives a basic description of the chakras but no practical information for working with them. This info was popularized by Carl Jung, who added all of the psychological states now commonly associated with the chakras – so this isn’t based on original texts either. ([15:56](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGXpiCm-UeM&t=956))

    I found an article written by Christopher Wallis (a Sanskrit scholar) who goes into that in more detail (see [points 3 and 4](http://hareesh.org/blog/2016/2/5/the-real-story-on-the-chakras)).

    In the older texts (than what the modern system is based on) that he is now translating:

    “Regardless of where and what the chakras are called, they are secondary – they are visual props to assist the application of mantras that are applied at concentrated points in the body in order to break up stuck karmic blockages. Once those are cleared, who you really are is revealed.” ([17:48](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGXpiCm-UeM&t=1068))

    This is also mentioned in Wallis’ article linked previously (point 2).

    Further on, there is also a discussion of kundalini.

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