Bringing Consciousness to Chakras in dealing with Demons

I used to be watching a film the opposite evening and one thing a few sure scene acquired to me, I may really feel that rigidity construct up and produce me to tears… one thing that does not occur quite a bit with films.

I am unsure precisely what emotion was being triggered on this occasion, but it surely was one thing like grief. I used to be conscious of how I used to be feeling and I attempted one thing… I targeted on my Coronary heart.
I used to be amazed to search out that as quickly as I did this, the strain nearly fully disappeared. I used to be not overcome by a sort of joyous sorrow, the strain that I used to be holding in my throat launched and I felt as if I may tackle all of the sorrow that got here my method.

What occurred? Was I opening up the guts and in doing so releasing all that rigidity straight out of me. It was as if the dam was simply permitting issues to circulation.

My query is, is it the case you can give attention to the chakra relative to the ‘demon’ you face and in doing so permit it?
E.g. When in conditions of concern/nervousness, convey that vitality with consciousness and acceptance to the basis chakra and let it deal with it. When feeling shameful, bringing consideration to the third chakra there after which.

TLDR: When overcome with grief/sorrow, I positioned that vitality (or consciousness) at my coronary heart, letting my coronary heart take care of it and it was like unplugging the sink.

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  1. Well, great news. What I am thinking, from my experience, Awareness is Openness itself. Considering, if this view is shared, that awareness if the perceptive force of all active phenomenon, it is space (openness) for objects, when Awareness, which has a quality of openness, is brought to an object of closure, it will open it into the space, perhaps through a sort of osmosis mechanism.

    Any thoughts?

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