Brow sensation.

So, sinse I began doing Reiki on myself, on the chakras, and Pranayama Breath, I am experiencing a sensation on the brow . It looks like, you already know when you may have a stuffy nostril and it begins to unclog, a bodily sensation of unblock/clear/contemporary. It looks like that, with a bit of delight and even some “click on”/”crack” sounds that comes with that unclog sensation.

Typically it is extra to the left/entrance facet of the mind.

Anybody is aware of what it may be?

Physique spinning whereas chakra meditation?

Okay so this occurs each single time and I swear I ain’t making up tales. After 10 minutes into meditating my whole physique begins spinning and its a physiscal sensation until I open my eyes. Additionally, its arduous to say which route I am spinning (clockwise or counterclockwise) No one takes me severely after I inform them, so have you ever skilled it? Is it a touch? What am I alleged to do? Ought to I be involved? Enlighten me along with your data. Thanks.

The right way to shield my coronary heart chakra?

I’d be very grateful if somebody might assist. I haven’t got an amazing data of chakras,however I do meditation and yoga for 1.5 years or so.

I’ve seen, when I’m again to my hometown (I moved overseas about 10years in the past) and when I’m with my family and friends, my coronary heart chakra goes loopy! I can really feel this wonderful feeling that I can’t describe. I’m not certain if that is presupposed to be good for me or not. It frightens me one way or the other, as a result of it’s unfamiliar feeling.

On one other hand, my companion had lately harm me, and each time I’m round him I really feel horrible. It’s the exact opposite of the opposite feeling. Exhausting to explain as properly, like a ball of heaviness. I do know what a heartbreak looks like, that is one way or the other completely different.

I would really like some recommendation on how you can shield my coronary heart chakra from this occurring, whith this particular person or every other in future.

Be happy to ask questions if I have not been good at explaining myself. Thanks.

Can balancing/helaing/activating/opening your chakras enhance your well being ?

Can this occur or does it solely have an effect on your psychological well being ? Im new to these items and I did some chakra/kundalini meditation, at any time when I give attention to chakras I really feel their impact on the physique. For instance after I give attention to the basis chakra I typically really feel pleasure and even get a boner lol or when Im specializing in the photo voltaic plexus chakra I can breath a lot deeper and my intestine points enhance a bit. So my query is how far can it go ? Would it not enhance my helath and even heal me ? Does anybody right here have some expertise with higher well being after chakra meditation ?

Anybody else expertise the blissful “hovering” feeling

I can solely describe it as once I’m feeling blissful, and listening to music, my head will really feel open, I will be respiration by means of my crown, and my power will virtually really feel like I am hovering by means of the air. Does anybody else expertise any comparable phenomena?

Tingling/buzzing in arms/face/crown

Whats up all,

I’ve completed doing meditation by means of my 1st – third chakra, and as I used to be doing this I felt such peace and calmness inside me; my thoughts did get lost from time to time, however I felt I might simply observe ideas greater than get caught in them, then ease my method again into quietness

Upon doing these three meditations, I felt a buzzing/tingling in my arms and arms, like they had been going numb; I additionally felt a tingling in my face very faintly, and a extra outstanding tingling in my crown, though this was throughout my third chakra meditation.

I ended up slowly permitting my focus to modify to my crown chakra throughout this occasion as I allowed it to occur, and I envisioned a white orb above my head, which ended up making my entire physique “numb” in a sense- i felt nearly completely disconnected to the purpose the place I had to take a look at my arms and transfer them to come back to grips that i’m in my physique!

My entire physique additionally went very heat; my arms went heat earlier than anything although.

If anybody might elaborate on what I used to be experiencing, please let me know, even whether it is just a bit little bit of this put up; I kinda made it longer than I ought to have however its simply flowing lol

Onto my four – seventh chakras!

I like lists – Attempting to develop a “Chakra Train Listing” to assist clarify them to different/assist strengthen and open

Hello, I’m comparatively new to Chakra research and vitality work however I really feel I’m at a degree the place I’ve sufficient grasp to make one thing for myself and others in the event that they select to assist with chakra work.

What I incision is a guidelines of the bodily elements of opening and strengthening Chakras. Not a lot a “Every day To Do Listing” however reminders of what we must be doing outdoors of meditation for our vitality/chakra well being.

For me personally (and I have no idea how regular that is) my Throat Chakra and up tends to be in good situation whereas under Photo voltaic-plexus down are typically closed or blown out with my coronary heart chakra being type of a within the center. So for me, I might have one thing for the Root Chakra on this “Train Listing” like “Did you Train at this time?” and “Did you clear up after your self at this time?” “Have you ever eaten nicely at this time?” For Coronary heart Chakra “Have you ever expressed gratitude at this time?” “Have you ever hugged somebody at this time?” And so for. Proper now these things are popping out as questions, I’m not certain if that’s the manner I need to hold it, however it’s a begin.

Any assist in creating this (or the route to an present device just like this) can be appreciated.