Aroma body works with natural products such as “essential oils” from plants, around which most of our treatments revolve.

The uses of these “oils” are really diverse since they can be applied directly in combination with others for massages and bath products and as a base in the elaboration of colonies, perfumes, body tonics and soaps, among others.

For your information we have to tell you that Aromatherapy is the ancient art of maintaining and providing health through the use of essential oils derived from plants, which together with therapeutic massages constitute a powerful and complete treatment for body, mind and spirit.

These “essential oils” energetically transmit feelings of well-being both olfactory and corporeal or sensual. One of its main applications is the massage of aromatherapy that consists of massaging the body with the essences adapted to the needs of each person.

Recent medical studies have shown that 80% of diseases have a psychological origin and because of their effect on emotions aromatherapy is very effective in treating all kinds of problems.

The use of these “oils” is very diverse:

1. Can be applied directly
2. In combination with other oils for massage and bath products.
3. As a basis in the elaboration of colonies, perfumes, body tonics and soaps, among other uses.

AROMATHERAPY as complementary therapy that is, acts on the whole organism, improving the general health and the feeling of well-being.

It is especially effective in:

Problems arising from stress, anxiety and depression
Rheumatic and muscular pains
Digestive disorders
Women’s problems, such as premenstrual tension syndrome, problems associated with menopause and puerperal diseases
Skin, respiratory and circulatory problems.


Based on the restoration and maintenance of health through the use of natural methods related to nutrition, massage, hydrotherapy, postures, phytotherapy, homeopathy, etc.
Holistic Massage:

Therapeutic treatments of body, mind and spirit. It may include massage, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite, beauty, anti-stress, anxiety or depression. All of them using the essential oils of aromatherapy.

Treatment of all systems of the body through pressure applied to certain reflex points found in feet and hands.
Sport massage:

Treatment and prevention of sports injuries with massage, movement and exercises to increase muscle and improve performance.

Technique developed in Japan to heal with the energy transmitted by the hands. It is a very powerful and effective technique.
The Chakras:

Involves the harmonization, stimulation or sedation of the energy centers of the body according to the philosophy and techniques of yoga whose origin is in India.
Fortune telling:

Queries through a method that uses energy and meaning containing semi-precious stones and minerals.

Healing Center

We are a center of natural health and beauty located in Malaga, specifically in one of the most popular and active neighborhoods of the city as Huelin.

For non-Malagueños and for those who do not know it, it is necessary to say that Huelin is a neighborhood that invites to the recreation, the tranquility and the walk for its beaches and streets, in addition to housing the known trail that welcomes on Wednesdays and Saturdays to Lots of people attracted by their bargains.

In this popular framework of tradition, well-being, health and tranquility is our AROMABOD center that gathers in its facilities the best treatment to the client and an excellent human team at their disposal.

In our center we combine treatments of the ancient wisdom, such as manual massage and aromatherapy, with the most modern technology based on special machines. We must emphasize the use of high quality products like: essential oils, clays or salts of the Dead Sea. All this is carried out by our qualified staff and possessor in their highly experienced curricula.