Chakra Meditation Terminology

What are various names for every of the chakra meditations? (e.g. compassion meditation=coronary heart chakra meditation)

Additionally, what’s a extra informal time period for “chi”? It is a ache within the butt to casually carry these up. Should you say “Meditation”, individuals say “Ah.” Should you say “Photo voltaic plexus meditation”, they’re going to be like “The heck…?” Should you say “power”, individuals will not have a look at you as weirdly, nevertheless it’s not particular sufficient.

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  1. Term for qi/chi: prana, breath, life-force, energy, spirit, vis vitalis, vital flame, life essence, vitality

    Root meditation: grounding

    Sacral meditation: creativity

    Solar plexus meditation: confidence

    Heart meditation: compassion

    Throat meditation: truth, speech

    Third eye mediation: awareness, mindfulness

    Crown mediation: oneness

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