Chakra therapeutic for dependancy? Fortune teller provide cleanse?

I might LOVE to listen to if anybody had expertise with Chakra cleansing for dependancy.

Additionally, I as soon as had a fortune teller provide a Chakra cleanse. I wrote it off as a strategy to get some cash from me since I paid for my GF to have a studying however not me.

After a while this 12 months discovering myself and discovering a deep house on spirituality, I am now questioning of there’s one thing to it.

Although it appears I coukd do it personal my very own. Simply questioning if I might get a “booster”?


3 thoughts on “Chakra therapeutic for dependancy? Fortune teller provide cleanse?”

  1. The sacral chakra is the one that deals with addiction. Guided meditations, sound baths, chanting, all of these things will help heal and unblock it. Pinterest is your friend when it comes to learning about chakras.

  2. Agree with what was said above.

    Mine was smoking addiction, I just stopped smoking in one place, when that became routine, added another, repeat cycle.
    Putting action and anchoring more health in physical reality.
    To me, an energy session may feel good, but it’s up to you what you want to create and experience

    ** when I first started opening up and learning my life falling apart, I didn’t know where to go, who to believe. I just learned the word Chakra, etc. Went to a Fortune Teller with friends. Fortune Teller is true psychic , she said things that scared me, and she could help me for $750. I didn’t have it, but gave her $150, all that I had at the moment. Never went back. Fast forward several years, I cannot believe I bought into it and gave her $$, thankfully not more. But that’s my creation.

    Lots of healing groups FB seem to support each other and send healing energy to person asking for a little extra support.
    Best to you : )

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