Closed coronary heart chakra

Is it doable to work on the chakras in case your coronary heart chakra is admittedly closed? Typically i ponder if i’ve feelings in any respect. Am i able to work on the decrease ones first or do i’ve to heal the guts a bit? Is also it higher to work on one after the other?

2 thoughts on “Closed coronary heart chakra”

  1. in joe dispenza workshops, his students talk about getting heart orgasms. i assume it’s when your heart chakra really opens up and explodes. actually in one of the testimonial vids in his youtube channel, there was this doctor who said that after the workshop she can now feel emotions. so i guess she was kinda like you before…

    someone asked about how this can be done in one of the other subs… i think it was the kundalini sub – not sure, but no one really replied.

  2. My heart chakra is also really closed. However, the not feeling emotions thing in my experience is also heavily related to the root chakra, because if the root chakra is closed dissociation happens more, and dissociation cuts off your body from your mind a lot so you don’t feel emotions in your body from that too.

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