Greatest method to discover out which chakras to work on?

I took a quiz on-line as we speak, 7 units of three questions every. Outcomes have been each chakra over lively besides throat (beneath lively) and coronary heart and crown (balanced). Any assist could be appreciated. Possibly you’ll be able to inform me over reddit! hahaha. Blessings.

4 thoughts on “Greatest method to discover out which chakras to work on?”

  1. My technique might not work for all, but what I do is visualize all my Chakra individually and try to see them as the color they’re meant to be (E. G. Root as bright red), and, depending on how difficult it is to see it in said color, I can get a good idea of what Chakras are in need of attention

  2. People really need to stop taking and empowering themselves with these online quizzes. I mean you’re dealing with chakras if you know or study chakras it should not be hard to tell which chakras are very open, and which may be closed.

    My advice is simple study the chakras look at there actual meanings. Then sit down and either A) meditate if you can achieve a solid state of mediation and focus on your chakras. Or B) write down on a piece of paper what you do in your daily life to use your chakras.

    Best of luck,

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