1 thought on “Balancing your Chakras with Important oils”

  1. Chakras Are Within Everyone!
    I love sharing how dōTERRA® can help balance chakras as this is often where essential oil breakthroughs are being born!

    But we must first answer a really important question…


    The best place to begin is by stating a chakra is an unexplainable feeling.

    For instance, that moment when your stomach feels filled with butterflies, or when you feel all choked up, or when nothing comes out of your mouth, or when the excitement you might feel pounds in your chest. These feelings are experiences of energy (Chakras).

    Think about what those times in life were and how you felt:
    * The first moment you held your child.
    * Seeing your parents still holding hands while walking down the street.
    * Your first kiss.
    * Standing up in front of an audience or group of people.

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