Can balancing/helaing/activating/opening your chakras enhance your well being ?

Can this occur or does it solely have an effect on your psychological well being ? Im new to these items and I did some chakra/kundalini meditation, at any time when I give attention to chakras I really feel their impact on the physique. For instance after I give attention to the basis chakra I typically really feel pleasure and even get a boner lol or when Im specializing in the photo voltaic plexus chakra I can breath a lot deeper and my intestine points enhance a bit. So my query is how far can it go ? Would it not enhance my helath and even heal me ? Does anybody right here have some expertise with higher well being after chakra meditation ?

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  1. Chakras are our metaphorical energy centers that relate to our entire existence. Thru chakra work we are able to balance out the energy flows that create our experience. Blockages and overactivity are linked to daily life activities and thoughts and feelings. Working with the energy centers means working with the thoughts, feelings, and actions stemming from that particular center. Thru observance and acceptance one can start to alter their programmed response to life and increase the quality of existence. As for your question concerning health, all physical issues stem from an imbalance in our energies.

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