Can really feel chakras in some conditions and never in others

Typically I can really feel my very own, or different individuals’s, chakras vibrate or rotate in my physique. I can really feel this once I put my hand over them.

Evidently if I’m with people who find themselves additionally all for spirituality, or in a pure atmosphere, the possibility of perceiving them is increased.

I ponder, why is it that in some conditions I can really feel them and in some conditions I can not?

The explanation I ponder it’s because presumably, if I do know this, I can perceive actuality and my very own consciousness a bit higher so I do know by which path to go/develop.

Do you have got ideas on this?

2 thoughts on “Can really feel chakras in some conditions and never in others”

  1. I think your ability to feel them has to do with how receptive you are at the moment. You have chakras in your hands – I would venture to say that if those chakras are closed, you will have a hard time feeling others.

  2. Chakras grow in size and strength with practice. Spiritual persons will have more developed chakras whether they believe in them or not simply because they do work on these aspects of themselves.

    It will be more difficult to detect a closed or blocked chakra because it won’t be emitting energies.

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