Chakra Rotation

I am a noob to the world of chakras. I feel I can really feel them (the principle 7)and am very conscious of them throughout meditation. I”ve heard that they rotate or spin. Does anybody have a very good supply for info on this?

Please thanks and be good

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  1. #Seriously – you are better off NOT reading or asking about all these details about stuff you can’t confirm. If you are sincere and you sit, you learn things from experience. This is true learning. If you just take redditors…oh this one goes left, this one goes right. Honestly they could be wrong and you’re lying to yourself for years before you realize “shit, man I don’t know what’s happening”. Don’t accumulate knowledge about things you don’t know from within yourself. Do you have to believe you have an arm? If you’re a witness you do not need to believe, you know simply because it’s right there. Be earnest, be honest, look for yourself.

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