Chakras and ringing ears

Good afternoon fam
I’ve observed a ringing in my ears that began throughout the final 6 months. I’ve heard many individuals say that they’ve skilled somthing comparable.

The sound fluctuates based mostly on the eye/intention I give it. In the previous couple of weeks I’ve tried to not directly make the tone my focus.

As soon as, I am zero’d in on the tone I then start my chakra meditation. I mainly undergo the massive 7 individually giving sufficient time to essentially really feel every space.

I am attempting to determine if theres a relationship between the tone and the power physique/area.
Does anybody do one thing much like this? or expertise the tone and attempt to relate by means of the chakra? Every other ideas or concepts on the phenomenon?

Have weekend all!

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  1. Hello, I have heard that ringing in the ears are your Angels trying to communicate with you. I think the more you meditate and work on your chakras the higher your vibration becomes. You can start connecting with your Angels when your vibration is higher. I have been working with chakras and meditation for quite some time now. I have also been working on connecting with Angels and Guides. And through my study with connecting with Angels this is what I have learned. I too feel that ringing in my ears from time to time. And I believe it is my Angels trying to communicate with me. I hope this was helpful.

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