Closed coronary heart chakra – unfamiliar

I used to be getting a hair and scalp remedy carried out at a wellness middle I am going to for different issues and throughout the remedy (carried out by the resident therapeutic massage therapist who additionally does power work apparently) instructed me that I’ve a closed coronary heart chakra. She requested me if I needed it to be. I’ve a particularly restricted information of the chakras. I’ve felt shaken up since and it has been weighing on me all night time. If anybody might assist clarify to me what closed coronary heart chakra means, and so forth. that will be appreciated.

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  1. A lot of people who’ve experienced any form of trauma may have a closed heart chakra or root. Break ups, relationship issues, deep sadness, unwillingness to make yourself vulnerable. Just a few examples.

  2. Best heart openers for me has always been animals. Spend some time with a puppy or a kitty and you’ll be filled with love. When it’s open you feel a little bit euphoric. The weigh is lifted from your heart and chest area, and you *can* feel the energy moving through the heart when you are meditating, sort of. No anxiety, no fear. Another thing that you can do is calling on the Divine Feminine/Goddess Energy. I was surprised when I learned that they are inherently the same thing. I mean when I was trying to open my heart chakra, I was actually letting in the Feminine archetype, and I wasn’t aware of the correspondance.

    The main obstacle for me in opening of the heart chakra was and is the emotional pressure/tension in the chest. I usually have built-up emotions there that need to be let go. It’s a very hard thing to do when you have no access to nature and your life is quite hectic and anxiety-inducing. So, my advice would be again to be with animals and in the nature. In fact, be as far as away from people and the cities, as much as possible. It’s torture.

  3. a closed heart chakra is really bad because the heart chakra is in charge of allowing all the other chakras to work properly. So my best advice would be to meditate (focus on the heart chakra in the center of the chest just above the nipples) for 30 minutes every other day.

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