Counsel a sensible handbook on Chakras, please. Severe solely.

**Something ascribed to Yogi Bhajan is a non-starter, and no crystals, both**.

Cash’s tight, and spirituality is a vital a part of self-balance and self-help. Chakras might have an honored place subsequent to my tarot deck. For reference, I like “The Simple Tarot Handbook” by Ellershaw. I do weekly readings for myself. I’m additionally coping with continual Melancholy and Anxiousness, for which I *was* taking medicine (months in the past).

I can afford *one* extra guide. So, which one?

2 thoughts on “Counsel a sensible handbook on Chakras, please. Severe solely.”

  1. Mines relatively simple, this is in my notes on my phone.
    Each number correlates to the chakra:

    1. Let your fears flow down the creek(aka through the rest of your chakras and out the crown)

    2. Release all blame and guilt in you, forgive yourself
    3. Release all letdowns and disappointments
    4. Release all sadness and loss
    5. Release lies and denial you tell yourself
    6. Release all illusion from yourself
    7. Release all earthly attachments; let go of all you’ve grown to love

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