2 thoughts on “Craziest experiences?”

  1. Here’s an entry from my diary-

    Before 8am in the morning, before I woke up completely, while I was in a dream, I sat to meditate. Some part of me knew it was a dream. As energy started rising, I helped it by becoming more and more silent. As usual, my torso was lifted a bit. Once it reached a specific angle, the energy hit my top of head.

    Felt like very little crackers were bursting at top of my head. It took some time, a lot of them burst. I saw a cartoon visualisation (of my own design) of top view of a pink head opening up like a lotus (not exactly a lotus but something else that was relevant to me) and some crackers placed in them bursting. Like the feeling on your tongue when you eat dairy milk crackers. Felt great.

  2. Another one:

    Yesterday I was taking an afternoon nap. I was half awake when I felt some weird sensation at the center of my forehead. It was mild at the beginning and was gradually increasing. I observed the gradual increase and learnt how to increase it further. I could feel that there was a point in this process where the energy(or sensation in center of forehead) would be maximum. So I helped it increase and it increased exponentially to the max point and the sensation was so strong, so powerful that I got scared.

    I felt as if I lurched up from my physical body and sat. At the same time I felt as if I was blown away in some foreign place. The place was a 2D video game and I was looking down at it from a height(like the game age of empires). All the time the center of my forehead felt as if huge amount of energy of some kind was shooting from it. The sensation was so powerful that I forcefully tried to stop it. The result was that it decreased for a few seconds after which my will was overpowered and I was blown again in the same state. I grabbed my head(in dream) and screamed. I dreamt myself lying in my bed grabbing my head and saw my roommate pass by and I shouted his name. Then I woke up. The sensation decreased exponentially and the headache I had at the top of my head all day long returned.

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