Crown Chakra Please Please Please I did this final night time and as I used to be in a deep state of mediation a projection of a person was straddling me in my mattress holding me down by my shoulders together with his arms straight. It was like static trying however darker. I screamed and thrashed round and couldn’t see my husband, then it went away after which my husband was proper there subsequent to me and so fearful. the pill case closed once I was thrashing round and fell on the ground taking my earbuds with it. The case closing paused the video. this morning I opened it and to my horror the information had simply opened my crown chakra. I need them closed. I want to listen to from some individuals who learn about these things.

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  1. Hey, … First of all – I have lots of experience with chakras as well as with different ‘spirit form’ entities. First of all, you should not worry that your crown chakra is open. If it would be fully open, you would be in a state of bliss and ego-loss, and you would not worry at all about anything ๐Ÿ˜‰ … According to your writing, I would assume that you simply had a visit from an non-material entity of some kind. It can be that it is attached to you somehow from before, and the video just stimulated your extra-sensory perception, so you could see it for the first time. Next option is that the entity came for whatever reason – it is not necessary it is a projection of a person (human spirit or lost soul, for example) – it can be impersonal entity which simply takes on a form of a person due to the fact that our own brain puts an image on the entity, which makes it kind of familiar. Now, it is not necessary that the entity is harmful. Naturally, you could be scared at such encounter, but question yourself if you have a feeling that the entity wanted to do harm to you. If not, and if you want to explore further, you can try to meet this thing again. Do the same thing as you did and see if the meeting occurs once again. If so, be prepared stay calm and to pose any questions you feel you need answers to. Next thing you can do is simply to protect yourself from any kind of harmful and unwanted intrusions. You can do this by many means, but lots has to do with intention. So whatever ‘ritual’ you do, make sure you do it with intention. You can simply take a salt bath and use natural floral perfumes on your skin afterwards. Ask the ‘bath’ to clean you of all unwanted energies, and then ask the ‘spirits of the plants’, the perfume, to protect you from energy intrusions. Another simple technique is to clear the energy of your room and of yourself by burning sage or other natural incense. Again, do it with intention of clearing the space and energies. If you are a religious person, you can always aks the saints/gurus/spirits of your religion to protect you. All these things do the job rather well if done with intention. There are many other techniques for protecting yourself energy-wise, but there would be too much detail and too long to explain the specific rituals and processes. But what I wrote above should definitely suffice in case of minor harmful entities. On the other hand, if the thing is a stronger malevolent spirit/entity, it can be quite hard to get rid of it. If you pay attention to the things happening to you in your life and you get a feeling that something is stealing your energy, you feel down most of the time or you simply have many strange problems one after another or ‘bad luck’, you might seek some ‘professional’ help in getting rid of unwanted energies. There are many people who know how to address such problems from different perspectives, and then there are many more ‘fake spiritual workers’ who will want to make money of your unfortunate situation. But, again, you should not worry – I had many encounters with all kinds of entities throughout all my life, some of which were real pests and strong mofos ;), but I am still here and kicking. What all the experiences did was to simply teach me about this stuff and ultimately made me stronger on a spiritual level and more inclined to the forces of ‘light’. Take care, don’t panic, use your power you already have in yourself. YOU are in control, and all that is happening is just an experience that is here for a reason. And don’t worry that your crown chakra suddenly opened and it won’t close. It takes years of work to open the crown chakra, and if you are one in a million of those seekers that succed in this, you would know for sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰ All the best and good luck! Blessings!

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