2 thoughts on “Finest stone to open the third eye chakra and have a kundalini expertise? and how one can mix it with meditation?”

  1. None? The key to seeing with your spirit won’t be found in an earth mineral.

    Work on your own spiritual development. Live love. Become attuned to your body — pay attention. And do not seek to activate your kundalini, seek to evolve and become better. Kundalini is not a goal, it is a description of awareness of energy that always exists. Your goal should not be to develop powers or third eye sight, but to become empowered and insightful.

    Live love. Love is the key.

  2. I love my amethyst necklace. I also have a Sodalite necklace as well. (I bought them both on Etsy for around $10 a piece ) There are a lot of arguments that stuff like this doesn’t work but I say there is no harm in trying it out and seeing if it works for you. At the very least you’ll gain very pretty rocks 🙂

    I find they work for me because I believe in mind over matter (placebo effect). Also, they remind me of the chakra I’m trying to concentrate on healing/opening. Many people believe the stones vibrate at a frequency that open/heal specific chakras.

    I definitely agree that it’s a bad idea to meditate with the intention of having a Kundalini experience….or an intention for any result for that matter. Meditate for the sake of meditating and it will eventually just happen. I was having Kundalini experiences years ago before I even knew what they were. It’s still weird putting a label on it, to be honest.

    Hope this helps!

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