Had a heroic dose, by chance opened my third eye.

I simply need to preface saying I’ve finished quite a lot of prior meditations and research on asian (primarily zen) philosophy in addition to different psychedelic and conventional outlooks on philosophy and although I had heard of Chakras as an idea earlier than I used to be beneath the impression that in actuality consciousness was simply out of your 5 senses and guesswork.

So final week on July 1st (Canada Day) I had about four ish grams of psilocybin, stupidly sufficient simply an hour earlier than the fireworks. The fireworks have been superior in my state however then I went dwelling, the actual journey occurred and there was no sleeping that evening. What occurred was essentially the most intense expertise of my life and I had many issues occur and I turned nearer to who I wished to be, I understood my place within the universe and that everybody was related. Round midway via the evening I had a second with the perfected model of myself he instructed me to not be so insecure about all the pieces and I even realized concerning the woman I like and need to fall in love with. That entire second I felt an intense stress on the center of my brow and I noticed wanting in a mirror I might virtually undertaking no matter emotion I used to be feeling via that spot. Not realizing something about Chakras and even that there was a sensation related to a “Third Eye” I considered it as the power to undertaking intent as a result of my martial arts expertise. Quick ahead to some days later I noticed that possibly I had felt my third eye chakra. I had continued training with it and as quickly as I googled what this intense feeling on my brow was I used to be satisfied about Chakras and power within the physique that science has but to elucidate coherently. As of now I’ve finished some work on my perspective, have taken meditation far more critically, and am slowly engaged on opening my coronary heart Chakra to as a lot depth as my third eye and crown Chakras. I apply the martial artwork kendo (the best way of the sword) and I’ve observed that the extraordinary focus that got here from specializing in my third eye has allowed me to refine myself in my self-discipline additional and quicker than I’ve beforehand. My query is what do you recommend I can do to enhance and refine my talents inner and exterior so I may be extra aligned with what I really feel I can obtain and be? have in mind that is all comparatively new to me and my path to enlightenment has simply began.

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  1. It sounds like you are on the right track. When I first got into this I wanted as much information as I could get my hands on. I realize now that it’s not about the information but what you do with it. I would say keep meditating, keep doing martial arts and keep you mind and heart open and the rest will come to you in time, when you are ready to receive it.

  2. Nice post, and I agree with what Zadox said. It seems like when we are open and focused on being the best we can be everything falls into place. There is so much to be learned from every experience.
    I think an important thing to do is focus on why things are happening and the relevance these events have to ourselves. So often I’ve had some sort of problem or dilemma and the answer was right under my nose, I just wasn’t looking in the right place. The more and more we recognize what the universe is telling us, the more easily we will recognize it in the future. I think recognizing these things helps us stay aligned with our true paths and selves.

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