Has anybody skilled their third eye opening?

Howdy fellow neighborhood members!

This week i made a decision to attempt one thing new and was questioning if every other veterans might level me in the best course.

Over the previous few days i’ve researched a follow often known as opening your third eye. For these of you who have no idea what that is i’ll embrace hyperlinks under. Now together with this analysis i’ve uncover that sure frequencies and mediation can lead you to opening this third eye however the ones i’ve tried have led to no outcomes (frequencies used- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvME_EylPXU) and i’m not too good of a mediator so nothing their both.

Now i’ve learn someplace that you could cease consuming the fluoride in our faucet water and start a vegan food regimen for the most effective outcomes together with your third eye. is that this true?

So what i used to be in search of from you guys is any experiences you may need together with your third eye and tips on how to higher activate and management its religious skill’s or if that is actual in any respect thanks very a lot.

what’s the third eye- http://personaltao.com/taoism-library/shamanic-teachings/about-visions/what-is-the-third-eye/

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  1. Looks good. Vegan and fluoride free are good ideas for many spiritual people. Animal products numb the senses, and fluoride is a heavy metal that will cause problems with chakra meditation.

    Fish oil pills for the vitamin k2, a, and d3 will all help regulate eyes, bones and softer tissues like the pineal gland.

    You’ll know when the 3rd eye is becoming active. You just will.

  2. About three weeks ago I started taking Turmeric pills. Someone posted on reddit about how Turmeric works to counteract flouride. I’ve still been drinking the same amount of brita filtered tap watered as before as well. Except for a few bottles of water here and there. I’ve felt my third eye having moments of activity. It’s happened about two times. I have been meditating for the past 2-3 months though, so some people possibly may have to wait longer than I have. I will start to drink more bottled water in the meantime but I plan on buying a water filter that filters out flouride soon. I don’t remember the exact name of it. I’m on my phone otherwise I’d do provide further information

  3. I’m new to all of this also. I absolutely do not drink my city’s tap water(new Orleans). I’ve been fasting all day today and decided that since everything in my life was shit I would give a guided chakra meditation a try. When it got to the third eye chakra all I could see is a vivid indigo light and I felt it open. It was such an amazing feeling that I started crying.

  4. Intention and belief are very important. That is as far as I know the only reason why fluoride would affect how your third eye feels– the intention and belief you have about not consuming fluoride can affect it. You can also affect it by giving up anything else or making any other sort of sacrifice, if that sacrifice is done with the right intention.

    Your third eye is so powerful it can see anything. That means it can see both true things and false things! To see more doesn’t always mean to see more clearly. You must practice discrimination and restraint as well as power.

    The Sanskrit word for the third eye is “ajna” so if you google that you’ll find plenty of information about it, most of it wrong.

  5. I have been meditating for 2 years now and definitely have experienced the ajna becoming active. It litaraly feels like a third eye opening with energy. When it happens you will know. I recommend a guided meditation video if you want to experience the same

  6. Once you open your third eye you must keep at the practice. One cannot open the Anja and then expect it to stay open.

    I have has two very intense openings. One lasted three weeks the other only two days. Ever since I’ve kept it slightly open but not as fully as before. Like all things chakras need a balance. Overly stimulating any of them is as detrimental as under stimulating.

    Removing fluoride from your diet would be beneficial even beyond just third eye opening. As for vegan, it is also great! But neither fluoride free nor vegan diet is necessary for the third eye to open. As others have mentioned, intention is the key!

    Best of luck my fellow seeker, I know you will find your Way!

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