Headache after intense meditation. What to do?

I simply returned from an intense retreat of a physique working model known as Amanae. It’s a somatic apply which actually appears to shake my energies up fairly arduous generally.

Anyway, since about midway via the retreat, I’ve felt a variety of congestion in my head however it doesn’t really feel like sickness to the remainder of my physique.

If there have been one thing like a caught power that I’m deciphering as stress or congestion in my head, what chakra would possibly I need to work on opening to get it flowing?

3 thoughts on “Headache after intense meditation. What to do?”

  1. New age school will probably tell it is energy/chakras/kundalini/chi/third eye and many many other crap. The truths is that you, as I did,have screwed something in your brain what can cause you lots of suffering.

    Saying that is energy is totally scientificaly unproved and if you google definition of energy it self you will see that it is clearly something else no matter what this crazy religion claims.

    I wish you fast recovery.

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