How do I repair my root chakra?

It doesn’t matter what I do (yoga, meditation, chanting, affirmations, important oils, crystals, weight-reduction plan, train) my root chakra will not be effectively balanced.

What else can I do moreover the above? Another concepts?

4 thoughts on “How do I repair my root chakra?”

  1. You haven’t really described your symptoms, so it’s a little hard to see what needs “balancing.” Are you trying to open/activate the chakra? Or is it too active?

    So without knowing much more, I would say two things should be great: 1) earthing/grounding. Spend some time in nature, with your bare feet on the ground. Or get an earthing mat if you’re indoors a lot.
    And 2) you could practice with mantras to work with the chakras. Look for recordings of chakra mantras and chant along. I have an album you could use if you want to try it— Mantrapoly (artist): Mantra Seed Sounds vol. 2 Chakra Bijas.

    Chanting mantras while being in nature would be a great combo.

    Good luck!

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