I am a beginner

So I’ve jsut determined to get began with chakra meditation, and so what do I do? I’ve suffecient data of the chakras, kundalini, and so forth, however how do I get began? What do I do once I meditate?

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  1. You have a few options. You can do breath work into each individual chakra, meaning that you envision the breath going to each chakra in turn, and then as you exhale, try to visualize how the chakra reacts. Does it flutter, does it start to spin, does it open a petal, etc.
    the meditation that I practice myself is asking the chakra questions. I see the chakra in my minds eye and ask what it wants to express at that moment. Usually it will show me a memory and I will feel a charge to the memory, something about it triggers an emotion within me that needs to be processed and released. So by just witnessing the energy and trying to detach from it, to acknowledge its influence and then release it’s charge over me, the chakra is cleared of that energy and it’s vibration can rise. I hope this helps, check out Eastern Body Western Mind by Anondea Judith if you haven’t already, it’s been an incredible help for me on my path.

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