I believe I did one thing actually dangerous to my chakras

The chakras intention I assumed was to make somebody extra interconnected to the world round them. However with my left-minded mind, I’ve in some way lawyer-talked myself into opening all my Chakras with nothing however pure narcissism and self love. While everybody round me has been making an attempt an increasing number of to turn out to be a part of my life for no explainable cause, I personally have grown chilly, self-loving and resentful of these round me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m god, and on this world it is both going to be me or all people else, and I am selecting me.

1 thought on “I believe I did one thing actually dangerous to my chakras”

  1. It sounds like your chakras are not balanced.

    The heart chakra includes self love, so keep practicing that and eventually loving others becomes easier. Essentially we’re all the same so you start seeing yourself in others. If you love yourself, you’ll unconsciously love others.

    The root chakra or even the sacral chakra could be out balance when we get too narcissistic. Looking after yourself first and maintaining yourself can be seen as vain, but it’s a boost for your entire chakra system. Just realise most other people struggle with this too. Just start smiling at people to share that energy. Connect to people through that. Practice your smile in a mirror if you lack confidence.

    Namaste, good fortune on your path

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