I can flex my mind now

Bought into meditation lower than a 12 months in the past. Been attempting to open third eye ever since. I attempt to get in as a lot meditation as I can day-after-day, and although I’ve solely seen the awakening indicators of the third eye, I can now “flex” my mind, by the muscle within the again the place it connects to the again of the neck, and likewise by pulling within the high of my mind, which makes a sound and sensation much like cracking fingers, however in my head and extra refined. When I attempt to flex it exhausting, I hear a excessive pitched frequency, which intensifies once I additional flex the muscle, my head begins trembling, and if I do it for lengthy sufficient, my face turns purple and I am going to weightlessly collapse to the bottom. Any related experiences/ rationalization?

2 thoughts on “I can flex my mind now”

  1. Gotta love when the joints pop in places where joints don’t exist. That’s one of the 3rd eye opening signs. That crack. Notice any changes in your thoughts or insights since this started?

    Oh you get the light-headedness too? Nice. That happens to me when I get a good crack. I kinda just stop breathing for a moment and almost faint.

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