I have no idea learn how to open my root. I’m nearly utterly void of any type of emotion.

I’m on my ft about eight hours a day for my job, and when I’m not working I attempt to trip my bike not less than as soon as a day. I’ve a really apathetic persona and have usually little to no care or empathy in any sense or material. Any time i attempt to be empathetic, I notice how silly a given state of affairs is, turn into conscious of how the particular person’s adverse feelings are merely their unconscious psychology compensating to guard their ego, after which merely determine I don’t care. Even for issues as drastic as loss of life or illness I’ve little curiosity. When my uncle died, I bought over it after the funeral. When grandma handed, I attended the funeral with out mourning. Once I was instructed my elder had gotten most cancers, the knowledge didn’t part me. When my coworker instructed me she had most cancers, I didn’t even change tone of voice. Political occasions are irrelevant to me. Financial wealth is of no concern to me. I discover that meditation requires surpassing emotional suppression and points as a way to progress additional via the chakras, however I merely would not have any feelings to unravel. Any feelings I do expertise, I can merely brush off. I’m attempting to open my root chakra, however have no idea when, the place, or how this may happen, or if I’ll even know whether or not it is open or not. Can somebody please assist me out?

EDIT: I ought to in all probability add on that this identical vacancy of emotion has despatched me into depressions which have reached the stage of existential chrisis and spanned out for six months, which has occurred about three occasions now. I’m solely 17.

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  1. I feel you man, my root chakra is very closed off too, although I’m emotional when it come to physical (sexual) connections. I tend to close off my emotions to people and tend to not express my true feelings. My grandparents passed and I didn’t feel a thing. My mom had cancer and didn’t feel a thing either. Dig deep into your past and unveil the root problem that lead you to be so closed off. For me it was that I was abused when I was young not by parents though. But it made me closed and have no feeling of emotion. But you have to have compassion and that will help open it up. We are meant to feel and be compassionate and loving so try being compassionate toward yourself and others and things might start opening up for you.

  2. The sacral chakra is the emotional centre. Its element is water, which is reflected in the fluid nature of our emotions.
    It sounds that your sacral chakra is blocked, and maybe some disturbances in the solar and heart chakra. Someone who could balance your chakras and give you some guidance would be great for you 🙂

  3. What your referring to is lack of *empathy*

    Root chakra isn’t helpful, and the second isn’t neither. second chakra is about psysical desires, sex and manual creativity.

    Try to work on the heart chakra, and try to observe what other people are *feeling*, instead of what their subconscius process may be.

    Also, don’t think of chakras as open/closed switches, they have various degrees. When someone’s root chakra is low, the tent do have low self-esteem, and when is too high it can led to excessive self-centering.
    Which may be the case if you have worked too much on it.

    But is not a problem and is not irreversible, I suggest you take a brief pause, and then start to meditate on all the chackras instead of just one. Just ‘pass by’ every chackra from root to crown, and try to listen to how you feel when you point your attention there.

  4. like what u/rue-savage has stated, if that is your goal, focus on the heart chakra.

    heres my take: the emotional correspondences of the chakras are mostly bs. It’s a western invention. the chakras deal with specific energies, not emotions. psychological states, yes, but not things so simple as security, sex, etc. It’s much more complex than that.

    if you really want to activate the root chakra, I suggest working on the sacral center first, and then the energy much easily descends toward the root, and then up the spine.

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