Ideas for balancing every chakra?

Earlier than I open my third eye chakra, I would prefer to open a minimum of the foundation and coronary heart beforehand, maybe go from root to crown with out skipping any chakras.

Do you advocate and movies on YouTube? If that’s the case, which? Guided meditation or binaural beats?

Ought to I do something earlier than I open my chakras? Corresponding to aura safety meditation?

How else can I open, stability, and heal my chakras? Thanks! #1 precedence proper now could be root chakra.

2 thoughts on “Ideas for balancing every chakra?”

  1. I’ve only really been trying to open/balance my chakras for the last year and a half or so. I tried doing them all in one session and I couldn’t really feel it past my heart chakra.

    Then I read that in order for it to be fully effective and truly open your third eye all your other chakras must be balanced out. Start at the root and work your way up.

    For the last few monthes I’ve been focusing on a specific chakra and what it represents and taking the events that happen during the week as “tests” on that specific chakra. I’m on the manipura and I’m slowly working my way towards my heart chakra. I could be wrong it’s all self learned but I thought I’d give my two cents.

  2. >Before I open my third eye chakra, I’d like to open at least the root and heart beforehand, perhaps go from root to crown without skipping any chakras.

    Isn’t that the order that you are taking anyway?

    I’ve found youtube to be helpful. It seems the guided meditation videos spend the same amount of time on each chakra. maybe you could pause it on the particular chakra to find the balance before moving on.

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