I’ve been utterly depersonalized since meditating.

I’ve but to have the ability to preserve give attention to my third eye, however I’ve astral projected as soon as, and even the astral aircraft is horribly fuckin boring. Is there an astral aircraft throughout the astral aircraft? As a result of at this second I am satisfied nothing will fulfill me.

3 thoughts on “I’ve been utterly depersonalized since meditating.”

  1. Sounds like you would benefit from changing your attitude towards meditation and life in general by trying to find joy in the mundane.

    I’m not trying to point fingers but it sounds like you’re using meditation as a way to escape life instead of using it to help you handle life.

  2. /u/stevenchamp45,

    Did you ask in /r/Meditation?

    A few ideas to consider;

    1. Change the form of your meditation.
    1. Seek meditation instruction from a meditation teacher.
    1. Get some decent exercise, something that gets your blood pumping and hopefully pulls you out of your mind and into the body.
    1. Find the faq / wiki in /r/Meditation and dig into their resources. **Edit:** including the free pdf bokk – Mindfulness in Plain English.
    1. Find what Dr. Jordan B Peterson says (Google or Youtube) about nihilism. Your challenges may arise from completely outside your meditation practice, yet meditating brings you face to face with them.

    That boredom / depersonalisation may be simple to get through or it could get worse. If you see worsening trends, medical intervention may be required. Seeking a meditation teacher may help you avoid some pitfalls.

    Good luck.

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