I feel I’d’ve screwed one thing up…


I’ve been utilizing my photo voltaic plexus so much recently (been doing it for slightly over 6 years). I began compassion meditation once more. I attempted opening my root chakra a few month or two in the past however stopped, as a result of I used to be unaware how harmful it might be. I’ve been experiencing hypnagogia. I efficiently lucid dreamt not too long ago.

My PV muscle tissue have been spazzing like a heartbeat.

I’ve fwlt type of spacey the previous few days, though I’ve been sleep-deprived.

I’ve been in a position to “change into like water” as nicely.

Seeing this stuff is making me surprise if I messed one thing up:

Referred to as by practitioners “the yoga of consciousness”, it goals “to domesticate the artistic religious potential of a human to uphold values, communicate fact, and concentrate on the compassion and consciousness wanted to serve and heal others.”

“Borrowing and integrating the best varieties from many various approaches, Kundalini Yoga may be understood as a tri-fold method of Bhakti yoga for devotion…”

“Its objective by the each day apply of kriyas and meditation in sadhana are described a sensible expertise of human consciousness for people to attain their whole artistic potential.”

“With the apply of Kundalini Yoga one is believed in a position to liberate oneself from one’s Karma and to appreciate one’s Dharma (Life Function).”

“The apply of kriyas and meditations in Kundalini Yoga are designed to lift full physique consciousness to arrange the physique, nervous system, and thoughts to deal with the vitality of Kundalini rising.”

“Nearly all of the bodily postures concentrate on navel exercise…”

Awhile in the past, I lastly realized what I wished to do with my life. I went by many existential disaster and finally gained non secular stability.


“We’re going to die finally. We would as make life higher whereas we’re right here.”

“Quite than specializing in progress, we must always concentrate on stability in favor of sentient life at the price of non-sentient life.”

“Science explains the work of God.”

I found I wish to be a instructor to assist enhance individuals’s lives, to assist individuals keep away from having to undergo what I needed to undergo at school, to show and assist the weak and permit them to be listened to (they’re not “simply children”; they’re sensible people who’re merely unifnormed and search to be heard), and assist give obscure however HIGHLY sensible instruments to individuals that folks aren’t conscious of.

I’m uninterested in adults giving youngsters unhealthy recommendation, flawed recommendation, recommendation that’s restricted in use, and recommendation that doesn’t have main advantages.


Instructor: “Do that trick that I don’t clarify nicely and that’s very restricted in utility.” “It’s only a lady factor.” *Mentions gender/based mostly psychology*


*Reads Pitch Something* *Research the MBTI for over a yr* *Reads Being Comfortable* *Experiments with, experiences, and research chakras, states of thoughts, meditations, lucid dreaming, visible meditation, and extra.* *Research cognition and neuroplasticity* *Is an INTP* *Is an mental* *Could be very conversant in scientific construction and science* *Research conditioning, habits, dependancy, and extra.* *Research sociology.* *Experiments with these items to resolve points in personal life* *Research biases* *Exams the effectiveness of research and observations* *Finds them INSANELY efficient* *Involves conclusions about issues, makes discoveries about research and customary issues in life, and makes connections most individuals in these communities haven’t made even after a yr of learning*

All this was executed throughout my teen years, the latter being between ages 17-18, which may be very latest.

I’m a polymath.

I hope I’m not coming throughout like somebody that belongs in r/iamverysmart

What number of Okay-12 academics are you aware which can be like this?

I really feel prefer it’s my objective in life to repair this. I do know I can have SUCH a HUGE influence and do SO a lot.

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