Labyrinths & Balancing Your Chakras

Okay so I’ve at all times been obsessive about labyrinths. It runs deep, however I simply learn that they assist in balancing your chakras. I am questioning what everybody’s ideas is perhaps about this. It’s actually soothing to attract..and to stroll whereas meditating or it. My favourite is drawing them out on the seashores.

2 thoughts on “Labyrinths & Balancing Your Chakras”

  1. Years ago, I was going to take a workshop on Labyrinths. What had intrigued me was that the description talked about their connection with the chakras – that the ancient one has seven layers, just like the chakras, and as you walk each layer, you are stimulating that chakra, and that the back and forth motion of the labyrinth helps balance different aspects of each chakra. I found that fascinating, but sadly, the workshop was cancelled!

  2. I also have a fascination with labyrinths. The strongest obsession with it coincided with the same timeframe I learned about chakras and some yoga for the first time. It has to do with a rhythmic turning and a disassociated sence of direction. (It feels like you are moving outward sometimes when you know you are moving inward and vice versa).
    In my research I found some very enterprising concrete surfacing contractors that were making very nice labyrinths both indoor and outdoor for very nice environments; hospitals that use them for therapy, churches, retreats. Thanks for commenting.
    Forgive the source, as I am not part of or representing any secret society, but here is the rhythmic connections I read about and then realized myself.
    There is some deep musical vibratory connections to our human selves designed into some of these labyrinths.

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