Meditation and the Throat Chackra

Not too long ago I began meditating every day once more and I’ve observed that once I do, I really feel vitality round my throat chakra. Beforehand, I’d at all times really feel vitality swirling round my coronary heart chakra.

I’m not very versed in chakras, and I used to be questioning what this implies.

* Why do I really feel the vitality round my throat chakra now as a substitute of round my coronary heart chakra like I did prior to now?
* What’s the distinction between the throat and coronary heart chakra?
* Does this imply that my throat chakra is ‘blocked?’
* Is that this a ‘unhealthy’ factor?
* In that case, what ought to I do?


Oh! And when you have any nice chakra assets, I’d be very focused on studying about them! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Meditation and the Throat Chackra”

  1. The throat chakra asks you to find full acceptance with life the way it is right now. Everything that has happened is over, everything that will be is yet to come. So for this moment just be with it, in agreeing/allowing of it because….I mean it’s supporting you, it’s allowing YOU so you just gotta chill completely, cosmically.

  2. Mostly you may be feeling your thyroid or lymph nodes. You won’t really experience the throat before the lower chakras, so if this is the case you’re becoming more aware of your body, not so much the chakra itself, though anything is possible.

  3. Throat is between heart and mind. It is our voice. This gets blocked when you are in conflict between what your mind is telling you to do vs. what your heart desires. The “conditioned” you vs. your higher self.

    It means you have undone issues that warrant your attention. You are not acting or speaking from your highest self.

    In meditation if my throat feels energy, I ask it to bring forward the conflict clearly so I can understand what I need to work on. Typically, I am lying to myself about how I truely feel about something.

  4. That is good, as it is good to become aware of your primary chakra locations. You have 7 primary locations on your body, and once you become aware of them you will feel the swirling energy. I can feel them spinning slowly and sometimes they are spinning very very fast. It always feels good and is never a bad thing in anyway.

    You should go to google and search for chakra centers and check out the images for them. THere are many different schools of thought on the locations and amount of them. We have many many energy centers over our body, and even lower level ones below our feet and higher ones above our head. You could also check out the meridian points located on our body as well. These are harder to notice (for beginners), but they are most definitely there.

    My best mediation sessions come when I use cannabis as an instigator. It works very well and it was through cannabis use that I first became aware of my chakras.

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