(New to Chakras) third Eye Ajna chakra is extremely energetic whereas meditating and many others. What’s up with that?

I’m BRAND new to Chakras, so please forgive my ignorance.

Whereas I meditate (and another occasions) my (what I assume is) my Ajna Chakra is VERY energetic. I can really feel my an vitality feeling inside my brow, within the center, above my eyes. It nearly feels prefer it’s urgent ahead. I bought the same feeling as soon as once I bought acupuncture and the gal positioned a needle in the identical actual place (she referred to as it the “Zen needle” or one thing like that).

ANYway. I … freaking… LOVE the sensation. However I am questioning what it means. I am unable to get ANY of my different factors to really feel even remotely prefer it. However I’ve additionally heard Chakra will be overactive.

So… yeah. What’s up with that?

(Thanks prematurely)

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  1. This can happen with meditation because one-pointed focus on anything actives those higher chakras as a matter of course. Non-attachment to sensations is key in all meditation practice because sensations will come and go. Good and bad feelings, clarity and dullness, bliss and indifference, buzzing of energy and feeling nothing. Persistent experiences like this in the same place are actually not a sign of progress but a sign of being stuck.

    Lots of people who focus only on the third eye (or other chakras, but the third eye holds a particular appeal for westerners) will usually eventually start experiencing other problems from this imbalance. My advice is to just let energy do its thing and not pay too much attention to it. This buzzing of the third eye is not uncommon and in fact I started having these myself when I was only a child without any meditation experience at all. Im not saying this makes me special, Im actually saying these experiences are fairly ordinary.

    The goal with chakra work is a balanced harmony between the chakras. This doesnt mean you must feel each one buzzing in a certain way because the way in which the third eye feels is different from the heart or root chakra. The point is that you are not focusing your attention and awareness on just one, but on either all of them simultaneously or each one in turn in a balanced and orderly way- not giving undo attention to any one particular chakra. There are many practices that incorporate all the chakras and I highly recommend seeking those out if you wish to work with energy in a balanced and harmonious way and avoid the numerous difficulties that can arise from not doing so.

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