open my chakras

So i wished to start out opening my chakras and balancing them however first i’ve to open my root chakras and ive heard you’ll have to let fo of your concern however i attempted to think about one thing scary as a result of im unsure if i’ve concern though i attempted my greatest to think about one thing scary. Lastly i wish to know know find out how to know if we have now efficiently open a chakra?

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  1. how to know if you opened it? you’ll know…

    it’s not so much that you’re chakras are closed, it’s that you can’t perceive them. but as you are able to, you can energize them far greater than they are currently because they have a much greater capacity. Your energy body is only running at a small capacity but is capable of much more.

    I would advise against the typically western “new age” view that chakras are solely governed by psychological attributes like fear, speaking one’s mind, or survival. to really experience the chakras requires one to directly work with their underlying energy. because in the end you are working with the energy body and your ability to perceive it. and as you go from the gross physical centers upward to the subtle higher centers your perception and energetic body transforms beyond the physical to something else entirely…

    you’ll also find that perceiving your chakras is less about awareness and more about tuning into each chakras’ unique vibration.

    it all starts with meditation. stilling the mind and forgetting about the physical is a necessary prerequisite because you are stuck in your mind (your head) and your thoughts prevent you from really feeling your body. as you strip away those levels of awareness you begin to perceive something else.

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