Opened third eye, switch vitality to crown?

Whereas again, I successfuly opened the third eye. Nearly all the time, I really feel stress in my brow. If I give attention to it, it will get extra highly effective. I began making an attempt to open the crown as nicely, and had restricted success. Stress’s not as constant there as with third eye. Is that this regular? Is fixed consciousness of the place the purpose? Do you get used to the stress or does it go away? It is laborious to fall aslep at occasions.

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  1. Forcing it hasn’t ever been successful for me. If I find one of my chakras are being stubborn, I try to just focus on it for a while. Roll it around in my focus, play with it a bit until it starts to warm up. Do you go straight for the crown and third eye? You might try going from the root all the way up to the crown and see if the combined energies of the 6 can help open the 7th. For me it feels like a palm tree of energy bursts forth from my crown when I do this.

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