Problem visualizing

Good day! I’ve practiced meditation whereas doing yoga for some time however now I wish to go deeper and find out about my non secular vitality. I’ve an extended strategy to go along with meditating nonetheless however the primary subject is I am unable to actually visualize. When I attempt to image gentle flowing via me or something I do not actually see it. I think about I should have main blockage on my third eye? I do not dream a lot both and have a reasonably unhealthy reminiscence, so it displays in different elements of my life as effectively. Did anybody else have a with this at first and have any recommendations about find out how to work via it?

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  1. I think your third eye chakra is under active. This is responsible for imagination and visualization. You can try visualizing a violet ball of energy between your eyes for activating the chakra. Eat violet/purple stuff like eggplant, grapes etc. Try to use violet/purple things like clothes, accessories etc. Hope this helps.

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