query about ajna chakra

Hey! My ajna chakra is fairly balanced normally, and has been for a some time, which makes me very comfortable πŸ™‚

For the previous couple of days although, I’ve been feeling the chakra’s power as normal, however along with the common sensations, there was sensations additionally on the prime of my nostril and to the perimeters slightly little bit of the highest of my nostril. It does not strike me as regarding in any manner, however it is vitally curious, as I can nonetheless really feel the ajna chakra at its regular spots of manifestation. I assume my query extra has to do with whether or not there are some minor chakras on the nostril or extra straight between the bodily eyes as a substitute of the conventional ajna chakra location, which is slightly above the eyes. If anybody has any perception or data on this it might be a lot appreciated. Thanks!!

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