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I have been not too long ago moving into loads of Chakra Meditations, my query is that when your visualizing the person chakras/colours do you have a look at your self as in case your outdoors your physique seeing the chakras illuminate? Or are you in your physique like regular? If that’s the case, how do you see the chakras/colours in case your not capable of look straight at them? As an example, the basis chakra is on the bottom, it is exhausting for me to visualise it behind me.

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  1. I just close off all focus and breath from that area. Shut off my mind, release all tension and let that area express its true feeling. Like if it’s my heart, I’ll just feel from it. If it’s sad, I’ll tune into that feeling completely without any thought. The feeling gets progressively more intense and then feels better. It’s a healing process and obviously I do this with all of them. Just letting each individual one take over. If I need a little help getting it to open up, I’ll do a mudra and sometimes imagine the color in that area. Do this enough and you’ll lay down in bed one day and it’ll be like all your chakra centers are little butterflies flapping down your meridian.

    Each one does have its own specific strategy though, like for the solar plexus, imagine a yellow light in that area expanding with each breath and FEEL it. For the root, I’ll breath into it, let it breathe, the feeling, through your pores, then let the energy go down your legs. With the crown I imagine a white light shining down on my head but be careful cuz you might accidentally awaken kundalini if you aren’t ready for that.

    The third eye, just focus on the area of the forehead. Images will come, like flashes of light and a flame but be careful with that one too unless you want to start peaking through the veil. You’ll get an intense interest in spirituality and esotericism.

    With the heart, you can bring all your energy into it then let go of it and let it wash over the rest of your body too.

    Anyways hope you liked my scattered ramblings.

  2. i just bring my awareness/mind and breath to those locations; i don’t normally work with color at all.

    Most chakra sensations, in my experience occur at the front of the body. However, you are correct in noting that the root is at the base of spine. You could work with the sacral area first and bring the energy down to the root by first directing it past the genitals and perineum and then to the base of spine — i have found it easier that way.

    by practicing Taoist meditation it took me much further because you work ground-up; but you don’t start at the base, you start at the abdomen. So once that area is full of chi/energy and I ‘sunk’ my mind down there for a while I go to the base and then go back up. So the bottom-up approach seems to work better. And also, sometimes you will notice the energy moves on it s own — that is progress because energy moves on its own eventually, you can just sit back and observe the flow. So for example if when working with the sacral you begin to feel the energy pool into the third eye, just let it be. and then go down the front of the body by going to the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, and return it to the abdomen. once you feel ‘all of them at once’ it is much easier to direct the energy up and down the body. so all of this involves the energetic sensation, not any colors. and relatively little visualiozation

  3. Don’t start by building up an imagination, then trying to fulfill that dream. Seeing the color and locations is of no importance. Feel YOUR body, feel what different locations feel like, don’t think about chakras or what you know about them, that’s holding you back because you’re trying to make your moment like anything you imagine…it’s not, so don’t drag it in. Feel what is there, find what you find and begin building your own map of the terrain. Only once you’re honest enough to feel what you see, to have what you have, will you be able to incorporate tidbits you read into real knowledge and read stuff about chakras like an encoded map, but you have some basic self knowledge translation. The worst thing you could do for yourself is believe something that isn’t in your experience yet. You then limit every possibility from ever coming. Start with what you have and be ok finding out for yourself, then you know, then you can gain knowledge.

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