Respiration Orgasms + Chakras

As I’ve practiced respiratory alongside my line of chakras I observed that I simply obtain a respiratory orgasm as I transition out of the Sacral and into Photo voltaic Plexus. Does anybody have any perception on what this is able to imply? I am curious if it means these chakra factors are stronger or weaker.

1 thought on “Respiration Orgasms + Chakras”

  1. you can route *kundalini* out orgasm.. or you can route it up.. that’s what I know.. as you’ve probably experienced too.. the orgasm is different then normal more “energized”

    the tool of the ankh the egyptians used to use.. was about moving the orgasm/emergy up.. how exactly you do it “I don’t exactly know” but you’ll see jordan mention it too.. in some of his [spiritscience]( videos..

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