sacral chakra erectile dysfunction

One of many greatest fears in a mans life will not be having the ability to get it up, as I’ve struggled with this from adolescence in to grownup hood.

Just a few nights in the past I used to be with a ravishing feminine that I used to be genuinely interested in on a number of ranges and I flat out couldn’t get nor preserve an erection.

Have not too long ago included sandalwood into my life, however I come right here asking for any and all recommendation to beat this malfunction in my emotional and bodily life.

Thanks all.

EDIT: I’ve not too long ago had my chiropractor work on my L3 to assist with this challenge

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  1. First of all, there’s a lot that we don’t know about you, so it could be many factors.
    Men should be getting an erection overnight while you sleep every night. If you don’t, then your body is not in very good shape—not optimal condition. You need to improve your diet (perhaps drastically improve), do some detoxing, get more exercise, go to sleep regularly/consistently (and plenty of rest), and consider ways to reduce stress in your life.
    No fast food. Reduce your stress and start meditating. Take triphala daily. I could recommend a few more Ayurvedic herbs that could help, but you should do all these other things first.

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