*Sturdy* bodily stress on third eye.

I as soon as obtained a e-book about historic Egyptian strategies for opening the chakras and tried the third eye opening approach. That factor felt prefer it was tearing my brow aside and leaving a gap proper within the center. I had been already doing tons or Reiki and meditation, so it did not really feel scary however moderately prefer it was an enormous opening of the third eye. The factor now’s that each time I even remotely take into consideration that chakra, I really feel bodily stress there. Each time I meditate, each time I do (Kriya) yoga, each time I am even simply aware, I really feel a powerful bodily sensation there. Has anybody felt this too? Is that this an power block or is it simply opening additional?

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  1. First: very few people have made it beyond this stage so when you do, I want you to vow to help them because it’s very confusing and there’s a ton of confused people on the internet.

    Second: every energy center, energy pathway, etc. Has different sensations.

    Third: they’re all very similar, at first.

    When doing energy work for the first time, first: we feel nothing.
    Second: we feel pressure
    Third: we feel tingling
    Fourth: it varies from energy center to energy center.
    At the third eye, it feels like a bowl of water and we get third eye imagery of all types.

    Should you persist, your abilities will increase.


  2. To some degree yes. I feel the pressure when Meditating, balancing Chakras and so on. When I’m in a good “training streak” regarding my 3rd eye, I sometimes feel it’s “popping open” out of nowhere. Not like the pops your Pineal Gland gives when being declassified. But more like someone flicks or pokes my forehead, and at the same second I either see peoples auras or some sort of energy flying through the room. When these flicks/pops happen it’s like an instant open gap in my forehead, with massive pressure as you describe it. Like my forehead cracks open in a split second.

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly what or why this pressure are (other then assuming it’s just opening) but I can tell you that your are not alone about it ^^✌

  3. This is a very good sign. It means kriya or movement of energies is happening in your chakras. But the proof that your third eye is opening is that the *screen* of darkness you see will meditating will change , for example you may see a purplish sphere . That inner landscape you experience will get richer , more expansive. What you want to do right now is meditate as much as possible , 3 hours a day if possible , if you want your progress to be faster.

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