third eye opening?

So again story, all my life I had been naturally curious. Studied and have become obsessed for the reality for why we’re on this planet. First began with faith at a younger age with the Catholics, left at age 10, moved onto science and reasoning. Finally got here to a useless finish with quantum physic theories. I used to be caught. So on the time a select to only settle for that we could by no means perceive the reality to our existence. That was till one night time I had been smoking the great outdated marijuana that I lastly discovered one thing price trying into. On this one journey I seen one thing I by no means seen earlier than. That my consciousness may increase so simply on this substance. I had begun having AMAZING revelations. Noticing the “truths” to our world that we select to disregard. Lengthy story quick, my life was fully modified and I obtained into mediation carry on increasing my consciousness. Iv been feeling the stress on the third eye in addition to vibrations. To my understanding that is the awakening of the third eye, however what’s odd is I assumed it was wanted to open the opposite chakras earlier than hand to even get near this degree. Does this imply I ought to focus extra on the opposite chakras to maneuver onto the third eye awakening? Or am I already on the proper path?Recommendation?

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  1. Hey man, great post and I love your ideas. Unfortunately, I don’t know much anything about opening your Chakras and all that, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s amazing how much we know if we let ourselves know it, how you can think “what/why/how is that?” and then we know all we need. I don’t want to get into a whole thing here, but throughout my school career I’ve never studied. I don’t pay attention, I mostly don’t care, but I’ve always known what i need to know to get by. Obviously, I’ve never been a straight-A student, my only Honors classes were English… But I was always able to sit down, take a test, and know exactly what I need to know. Anyway, I would just tell you to keep experimenting with and without drugs, exploring your body and yourself, because you are the teacher. I think that’s what I really love about this ideology, it is defined by what you make it. There are teachings, meditations and chants that you can find all over the internet, but these are just rituals someone created for themselves, meant to calm and push reflections inward. You find your own path in an environment you choose surrounded by elements you approve of. I do recommend the enlightened rap duo ‘The Underachievers’, an amazing tag team style that sends my mind reeling. [Check ’em out!](

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