what are the particular frequencies of every chakra?

clearly i’ve googled this. however i discovered a great deal of totally different charts/vids/websites with conflicting info. one will say 528 HZ is for the center, and one other will say 528 is for photo voltaic plexus, and one other will say 639 for the center and one other will say 320 for photo voltaic plexus, i am so confused… does somebody know what the actual frequencies are?

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  1. Here’s my mathematical and musical perspective.

    Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” He also said “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

    These three numbers, in terms of music, are octaves of each other. In standard music 440Hz is the note A. To find A an octave higher, you double it to 880Hz. The next A is at 1760Hz. So 6 is an “octave” higher than 3. When you only play octave notes on a piano, they all resonate with each other, somewhat increasing the power of the notes, each supporting the other.

    There is also a scale called the solfeggio scale which has it’s A note tuned to 432Hz instead of 440Hz. 432 is a multiple of 9. An easy way to check if a number is a multiple of 9 is to add the numbers together. 4+3+2=9. 999 is a multiple of 9, so 9+9+9=27 leads to 2+7=9. The solfeggio scale is based on the number 9.

    The frequency of the colour green is said to be in the range of 520THz to 609THz. That’s 520,000,000,000,000Hz to 609,000,000,000,000Hz. If we take the middle of that range 564.5THz and half it (to find the octave lower), and the keep halving it continuously you eventually come to a note (approximately) of 513Hz. 5+1+3=9. This should be the frequency of the heart chakra. This is close to the note C.

    Bearing in mind 522Hz and 504Hz both are multiples of 9 and if you doubled them continuously until they were into the THz, they would both likely fall into the frequency range of green too.

    You can use this method to find the frequencies of the other colours but because the frequency of each colour falls in a range, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact number. Ultimately you have to choose what feels right for you.

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