What would occur for those who closed all of your Chakras?

Simply questioning, what wouldn’t it be like?

In Unfavourable Theology, it’s mentioned that God can solely be apprehended by negation (that’s you’ll be able to solely say what God is NOT, not what God is). Might negating the qualities of the Chakras be the true path to Godliness?

3 thoughts on “What would occur for those who closed all of your Chakras?”

  1. I’ve been working with the Grand Sephiroth of Healing, and he’s been helping with chakra work. From what i understand from what we have done, If you were to completely close them You would be essentially dead in the regards of that area, a Completely closed throat chakra would prevent you from communicating and you would believe everything people say. if your crown completely closes you will die since the Crown is tied to the Brain.

  2. In regards to Negative Theology, what is meant is that because God is literally both Everything and Nothing we can know and cannot know, God cannot be described at all, as having any set of specific qualities. God is All and None, so it only makes sense to attempt to describe God to the layman through what God is not. The term “God” becomes meaningless. The ALL makes more sense in this regard.

    This doesn’t make sense when applied to the Chakra system. Negating the qualities of the Chakras would only make you seriously mentally and physical sick and ill, and perhaps even dead. That’s not godliness, that’s extremely stupidity.

    Godliness is found very simply: just live life. That’s all. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, what kind of being you are, it’s all God. God experiences through all life, on every level of existence. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t improve yourself to become the very best person you know you can be, though.

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