What’s it like having all of your Chakras opened?

Let’s face it, most individuals have an imbalance of their Chakras (me included).

I suppose if you happen to had been to open all 7 of them, you’d qualify as an enlightened being. Does anybody right here have (or suppose they know somebody who has) all their Chakras balanced?

This is a terrific check from Ecclectic Energies that in all probability does a fairly good job at testing how open your Chakras are- http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php

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  1. I took the test and it is nice, but it just scratches the surface of chakra assessment. Proper assessment is done by introspection following sufficient study and practice on each one of them.

    > I suppose if you were to open all 7 of them, you would qualify as an enlightened being.

    There is an inner language of the chakras. You might feel a vibration, pressure, small pain, heat/cold, energy, emotion, colors, white light or pure consciousness on any chakra, but simply being able to sense your own chakras doesn’t make you enlightened. For that you would need to have such powerful energies that blur the boundary between you and the external world, and allow you to experience a state of oneness.

    Chakra energy is different for each chakra; in order, from the first to the last: vitality, sensuality, will power, love, purity, self control and surrendering to a higher reality. Thus, a person with opened chakras has the ability to be aware of the energies flowing through them at all times and can use them to balance his life on a situation per situation basis. It is as if they developed an internal perception/sense that covers all aspects of life.

    Also, there are different degrees of opening of chakras. In the beginning, there is just a faint sensation – it is difficult to even lock on to the chakra. But in time, the chakra remains activated for longer and longer periods of time. Then there is a kind of surge of energy, much more intense than our regular energies, as if we were connected to an infinite source. In the end, all chakras have the same ultimate energy, which is pure awareness and pure bliss, and the distinction between ourselves and the others disappears.

    It is normal to study each chakra individually with great detail and practice meditation, mantra, pranayama and asanas for that chakra. It takes years of practice to obtain a deep level of control. I think the best way to see chakras is as a life long quest into the inner universe of our being, a deep and mysterious inner art that allowing us to be mindful of our body and emotions to a degree that is impossible to imagine for the laymen.

    Here’s a link to a page discussing some of the deeper aspects of [chakra activation](http://hridaya-yoga.com/hridaya-hatha-yoga/) from the perspective of their ultimate role, which is to unite us with the Whole in a state of pure awareness and bliss.

    There is no way to do justice to this subject in a comment.

  2. According to the test all my chakras are open and balanced, yet I am not an enlightened being capable of manipulating reality.

    Chakras are not necessary for enlightenment, though they help. Chakras are for the expanding of consciousness so that you may be more loving, caring, compassionate, kind, self-serving, forgiving, and gracious. In fact, a yogi would say that by loving people your chakras will activate be empowered by themselves, they have to. Love is the most powerful energy in the world and that is what chakras help you manifest in your life.

    That said, chakras *can* help you gain spiritual abilities and powers. In modern New Age practice these are often sought after, however, in Hinduism, they are seen as a distraction to the goal of self-realization and loving others. In fact, yogis warn that improper chakra work can be [severely detrimental](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXZbtsiFEZE).

    In short, chakras are not a method of measuring power so much as measuring the ability to love.

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