Would Yoga be a greater different to meditation?

Im fairly new to meditation, and I’ve all the time been concerned with chakras, however by no means actually understood how they will change our every day life. I’ve tried meditating on the basis chakra, and didn’t really feel a factor. Some folks would say to stroll barefoot on dust whereas others say theres a danger of hookworms and need me to spend cash on a grounding mat. So I used to be interested by doing a little Yoga to assist with the chakras. Has anybody had any experiences with it?

1 thought on “Would Yoga be a greater different to meditation?”

  1. Yoga and mediation go hand in hand but one is not a replacement for the other. Meditation practice will help deepen your yoga practice. For chakras, if you have the right teacher, some yin yoga is specifically geared towards your chakras. I did this course where each 90 minute class was dedicated to one chakra.

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